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Upcoming Events
27 Dec
Winter Family Quiz
Register for the ❄FAMILY QUIZ❄▪Themed on the family of Imran (AS) ▪at the Abrahamic Foundation
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28 Dec
AF Winter Conference
Abrahamic Foundation invites you all to an inspirational set of talks based on the lessons from the life of Mariam (as) and the moving speech of Ja'far (RA) that convinced Al-Najashi to protect the Muslim refugees of the first Hijra.
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05 May
Family Activity Challenge
Do you think you can take on the 🌟AF FAMILY CHALLENGE🌟 and test your skills? There will be various activities for the whole family!
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05 Dec
Together We Learn!
Free Pre-Entry Level English Course at The Abrahamic Foundation! If you want to build on your English language and learn to communicate more effectively, this is the course for you...
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07 Dec
New Muslim Drop-In Session
If you're new to Islam and want a chance to meet new people in the community, as well as learn more about the religion - this is the place for you! Taking place every other Saturday (fortnightly).
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03 Dec
Circles of Knowledge
A study of the classical manual of Hanafi law, Nur Al-Idah, by Imam Hasan Shurunbulali. Every TUESDAY during term time @ 8:15pm A weekly gathering for beginners who wish to study a traditional text under the guidance of a qualified scholar. Delivered in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere the circles will cover essentials of Islam, including purification, Salah, Zakat, Fasting and Hajj, followed by a Q&A session.
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04 Dec
Creative English
**FREE** Come along to The Abrahamic Foundation every WEDNESDAY from 12pm-2pm for the Creative English class!
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02 Dec
Home-Ed Board Games Club
A monthly Home-Ed Board Game club at The Abrahamic Foundation. We have a range of classic and new board games/activities to suit everyone. Suitable for 6+ olds. £2 Donation per family.
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Welcome to The Abrahamic Foundation

Abrahamic Foundation was established in 2009 to serve the diverse needs of the Muslim community.  It was founded by a group of scholars, teachers and other professional members of the community. The aim of the organisation is to create a centre that excels in providing high quality services in education, youth work, training, new Muslim provisions, and many other bespoke community services.

We are currently situated on the Smethwick High Street.  The Abrahamic Foundation is an inclusive organisation and endeavours on serving the community regardless of colour, race or ideological orientation.

Our name comes from our desire to include all communities. The prophet Abraham is an inclusive character, the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Qard Hasan:

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