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Among His Signs is that He created spouses for you of your own kind so that you  might find tranquility in them.
And he has placed affection and compassion between you.
There are certainly Signs in that for people who reflect
(al-Quran 30:21)

If you are engaged and looking for an Islamic marriage ceremony service then the Abrahamic Foundation provides a top quality marriage registration service. Firstly, the Abrahamic Foundation would like to congratulate you, and wishes you all the happiness of both worlds. We understand that marriage is a very big step in life and an important part of the religion of Islam, and we understand that on this big day you want everything to go right. If you would like us to facilitate the Islamic marriage ceremony we require some information. (Please note we will not be able to conduct the ceremony without this information, and you must have the legal right to reside in the UK in order for us to carry out this ceremony).

Please follow three easy steps, and if you need any help then you can contact us by phone or email:

  • Administration fee, issuing of professional certificates and Imam cost for the first hour: £200.00
  • Additional Imam Fees:  £30.00 and thereafter every hour will be charged at £35.00. An hour is considered to start by the lapse of the first, regardless of duration. (PLEASE NOTE:  Failing to adhere to the time slot you have given to the Imam may result in the Imam leaving due to other dedications and appointments)
  • Payment type: Cash only.  All fees must be paid up front.
  • A Nikah service will only be conducted once a full payment is received.
  • Additional Transportation Cost: If the venue is more than 10 miles from the Imams personal address then 45p per mile will be added to cover the Imamís fuel costs, or in the case of not having a car, the full cost of a taxi to and from the venue.  You are more than welcome to send a car to pick up the Imam.
  • Courteous Remark: We do not consider it appropriate that the Imam is given payment for overtime in front of other members of the public. Please can you make this a personal and private matter.
  • For the certificates to be prepared on time for the Nikah you must complete and return the Nikah Proforma 4 weeks prior to the Nikah. Failure to do so may result in the Nikah certificate being issued at a later date.

One Nikah certificate will be issued by the Imam at the Nikah ceremony.

The Abrahamic Foundation is a registered member of the Mawaddah Marriage Institute.  All Nikah certificates are issued by Mawaddah Marriage Institute

>>>>NIKAH PROFORMA - Press to download<<<<

PLEASE NOTE: A nikah certificate is not a legal document and is not recognised as a registered marriage under British law.  The nikah certificate serves as a record for Muslim law proceedings only
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