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About Us
Welcome to the New Muslims Network. The Abrahamic Foundation has made providing services to new Muslims a key aim of their project. This is in response to concerns of insufficient services and support being available to those individuals around the UK who had converted to Islam or were interested in finding out more about the faith. The NMN has a range of services which aims to meet the social and educational needs of new Muslims. This includes Quríanic classes, Arabic classes, basic lessons of how to perform daily religious rituals, counseling, advice and possible financial support.

The Abrahamic Foundation does not promote any particular School of Thought, organisations of movements. Its affiliated members and Trustees come from a diverse background representing the British Muslim communities. We promote respect for diversity and accept that there are different interpretations of Islam. Our aim is to simply help meet the social and educational needs of new Muslims, provide emotional support, lend a friendly ear and give advice.

Respecting Diversity: Different Interpretations of Islam
As one learns and interacts more with the Muslim community one soon comes to the realisation that the community is divided into segments based on different interpretations of the faith, religious, and often political affiliations, organisations which purport to represent various cultural, traditional and in some cases tribal or  historical aspects of the Muslim community. Others have been established with the aim of presenting Islam to the UK population in a way that is more appreciative of the geographical location, social, religious and political climate we live in or in the hope of assisting third and fourth generations of young people in finding a comfortable lifestyle that is compatible with their beliefs and where they can contribute positively and wholesomely to life in the UK.

We would encourage you to make your own enquiries and read more relating to each and particularly those you encounter through attendance at your local Mosque, meeting with local Islamic organisations or socialising with individuals who represent a particular world view or agenda, be that a personal or an organisational one.

Always be polite as Islam encourages politeness. However, with regard to any information tendered you should not hesitate to make the necessary enquiries from amongst those you trust and who you feel offer sincere advice on any matter you present to them, to clarify any concerns or questions you may have regarding an organisation, individual or sect you are unsure about. We should always endeavour to think well and kindly of every human being unless and until their behaviour indicates otherwise. Even then, it is best to withdraw from company of questionable or dubious repute quietly and without any drama involved.

As always we strongly encourage new Muslims to get involved with their local Muslim community, since this provides an atmosphere of support, learning, and spiritual growth.

Perceptions from others and the Fear of Identifying Themselves as Muslim
There are numerous misconceptions and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims. Many of these have caused deep distress within Muslim communities and those converting to Islam come across these prejudices that inevitably build fear within them. The misconceptions and stereotypes therefore need to be constantly challenged and addressed though a New Muslim obviously needs the time and space to be able to know and understand Islam so that he / she knows the misconceptions and feels confident to address them in ways that they feel comfortable.

Becoming part of a minority
Some new converts, more specifically people from Christian backgrounds in Western countries, experience the barriers of being part of minority. They suffer the changing attitude of people amongst them. They report that as formerly part of the majority, they never had to face before this kind of hatred, attitudes and behaviours.

Finding a place and a community to live their faith
People who make the choice of conversion can feel lost regarding where to go to effectively live their faith. According to testimonials, different issues arise.
One problem they encounter is the ethnicisation of some mosques. In these places, they find that cultural identity is stronger than religious standards and so they feel hard to be integrated. Also, some new converts do not know to which branches of Islam they should refer to and/or are not well aware of the different movements and/or do not have an entire understanding of the principles of Islam.

Basic Practical Issues
Most of the time, New Muslims are also facing practical issues when adopting a new way of life which is also completely compatible with life in the UK. Some of the issues may include (i) how their relationships with non-Muslims may change due to fear and preconceptions about Muslims (ii) marriage with a non-Muslim though Islam allows for marriage with Jews and Christians. These practical issues may have the greatest impact for New Muslims and such support at a practical level is therefore key.

Advice and Support
Joining the Islamic faith can be an emotional affair. The most difficult step for a new convert is often to share it with his/her family. A lot of New Muslims report feeling guilty amongst family and relatives and being afraid of being rejected. Families can be very reluctant to support religious conversions because they can think that they have lost their child or because of common misconceptions about Islam such as violence and womenís rights.
If you require help and advice we would love to hear from you. We can help by giving you advice, facilitating the meeting of converts who may be from a similar background and have shared similar experiences
So whatever your problem, please contact us and we will try our best to help.

We realise there may be information you want or services you need that are currently not available. We would appreciate your feedback on how to improve this service
Please get in touch by emailing us or feel free to visit our centre.

Financial Support
We donít have a special fund to provide relief to new Muslims, but we can certainly try to help you with find some financial support. So if you are a new Muslim and face financial hardship please get in touch with immediately. We CANNOT promise anything but we promise to try our best to find you some help.

Courses for New Muslims

The Abrahamic Foundation is pleased to offer select courses for FREE to New Muslims. These are the first few in a series of courses designed with the New Muslims in mind. Our aim is to present the key essentials of Islam in a friendly and easy to understand manner.
We strongly encourage New Muslims to give us feedback and suggestions, if there is any services that you would like the Abrahamic Foundation to provide please do get in touch with us by emailing us at

Shahadah Certificate

Conversion to Islam is a simple process. It requires the declaration of the Islamic credo, that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.  This service is only available to converts to Islam. People born in the Islamic faith will not be issued with certificates.

Do I need a certificate?
No, there is no requirement in Islam for a certificate. However, you may find that a certificate will be useful. For example, the Saudi government sometime requires a certificate for new Muslim confirming their conversion to Islam for visas to Umrah or Hajj. Or you may simply want a certificate for personal use.

What is the Procedure for the Shahadah?
The process for shahadah is very simple. There will be qualified person (sheikh) explaining briefly the basic tenets of Islam. After that the sheikh will read the Islamic credo and ask you to repeat it after him. The declaration of faith will be witnessed by two other Muslim. This process usually takes no more than 10 minutes.

Are there any fees involved?
There no fees involved. This service is free of charge. However, you have lost an Abrahamic Foundation issue certificate and require a duplicate then there will be a charge of £20.00

What is the next step?
If you are a convert to Islam or thinking of converting to Islam and require a certificate please contact us to make an appointment by phone on 0121 448 9800 or emailing

Study Circles
If you are interested in holding your own Study Circles then you can book the New Muslim Common Room free of Charge.
If you are interested in booking the room then please contact us. You must book in advance.
Together you can discuss questions on a wide range of topics related to the beliefs and practices of Islam.
Topics may include:
  • Articles of faith,
  • Pillars of Islam,
  • Quran,
  • Life of Prophet Muhammad (SAW),
  • Sunnah and ahadith,
  • Relationship with other religions,
  • Family/social life,
  • Culture and Islam,
  • Women in Islam.

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