Our Vision

“To create faithful and thriving communities through the example of the Prophet Muhammad’s mosque (peace be upon him)”

Our Mission

We provide religious, educational and social provisions to communities through:

  1. Inspirational Muslim leaders will engage and interact with communities to deliver relevant Khutbahs, weekly spiritual gatherings and one-to-one support to nurture deep-rooted relationships with Allah and His final messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him)
  2. We will provide an inclusive space for men, women and children to pray, reflect and learn about Islam through real-life interactions and experiences. All are welcome.
  3. Our educational departments will deliver programs to nurture Islamic literacy and identity to create confident Muslims who understand and respond to the need of modern society.
  4. To support children by offering affordable supplementary schooling in the academic subjects to alleviate underachievement and support high achievers reach their full potentials
  5. We will serve our communities by identifying social needs and address them through various projects including a food bank and working with shelters and refuges to create a culture of communal responsibility and social solidarity.
  6. We will work alongside other faith groups and organisations to help strengthen community relations, fight racism and discrimination to help create mutually respectful communities.
  7. Through our youth provisions, we will create a safe space for youth to access role models and mentoring. We will deliver various trips and activities to help improve young person’s educational, personal and social wellbeing.
  8. Through targeted volunteering opportunities we will encourage social, environmental and ethical responsibilities.

Our Values

The Prophet’s character is from where we acquire our values of service, inclusivity, co-operation, nurturing and being balanced and integral in all that we do and aspire to be.

To Serve

The needs of the community through initiatives inspired by the Prophetic teachings of Islam


Advocating unity through diversity. We will always have an open-door policy allowing all our communities to access our services


Personal development and spirituality through the initiatives we deliver


Promoting the middle cause in all things. A path of sustainability, tolerance and one that guards against extremes


We are entrusted with the responsibility of delivering services to our community. Accountability, dedication and quality will always be at the forefront of everything that we do


Striving to achieve betterment through mutual collaboration and partnership