In partnership with ‘Foundations 4 the Future’

This 20 week programme starts on Friday 9 December at 4.45pm until 5.45pm. It is targeted for 11 to 17 year olds with the aim of giving them an insight into various youth related topics.

Aims of project:

• Relationship building
• Provide solutions to the barriers young people may be facing
• Improved engagement
• Decision making
• How and where to access valuable information
• Organisations to contact for specific needs e,g, childline
• Long term effects on decisions made now
• Emotional intelligence
• Self awareness
• Raising aspirations

All participants will receive a certificate upon completion and a trip to conclude the 20 week programme

Other outcomes include young people to become more receptive to receiving support from
school and outside organisations. We aim for these workshops to give the young people the
awareness and confidence to come forward and ask for support.

For further information, feel free to contact the office on 0121 448 9800