BMC is proud to present an insightful seminar; extracting life lessons from the story of Yusuf (AS)

Sat 10 June: 12-4pm

215 High Street, Smethwick, B66 3AH

Shaykh Shabbir Hassan

£15 for a 4 hour seminar where we will cover:

–  Background of Surah Yusuf

– Parallels between Prophet Yusuf and Prophet Muhammad ﷺ
– The amazing symmetry  of  Surah  Yusuf

– How to deal with toxic family members

– Dealing with challenging gender interactions
– How to develop patience & gratitude
– Overcoming difficulties & hardships in life
– Self reflection and  development

**BONUS for paid attendees; book for sale at discounted rate**

‘A  Beautiful  Patience: 40 Life Lessons from Surah Yusuf’ 

Onsite prices only: 

£10 single copy

£18 for 2 copies

All attendees must complete a registration form

Brothers & Sisters Welcome

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