A unique Sandwell initiative to build a community of reconciliation that celebrates our diverse communities. Imam Nasir joined local faith leaders and embarked upon a documented journey in the hope to bring peace, friendship, understanding and hope for this and succeeding generations. The project went on to receive the first ever “Together for Hope” award from Coventry Cathedral. Faithful Friends in 2020 was scheduled to visit Jerusalem with a broader group of participants but was postponed due to Covid-19. Watch this space

The Vision

To build a community of reconciliation in Sandwell, that celebrates our diverse communities and which will endure bringing peace, friendship, understanding and hope for this and succeeding generations.

The Means

A group of friends from four different faiths in Sandwell will journey together to places of special meaning to members of the group and will share this journey with children and families to inspire a generation to follow the example and build their own meaningful friendships with people different to themselves.

Our vision will grow by

Creating a film that documents the journeys the faith leaders undertake, explores the friendships that are formed and unpacks the questions and issues raised.

A social media campaign that will enable schools, faith communities and individuals across Sandwell to follow the journeys of the faith leaders and to interact with them in real time joining in exploration and discussions

Giving the children in Sandwell a deeper understanding and shared experience of the roots of our faiths and how they affect so many aspects of our daily lives.

Developing a programme of reconciliation which will become a feature of our annual calendar in Sandwell.

Producing resources to inspire and equip others to get involved in similar activities.

We recently led a school assembly which explains the trip for pupils and teachers and a video of that is available here.

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