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Abrahamic Foundation Islamic Advisory Hub

AF Community Outreach

Abrahamic Foundation Community Outreach is a voluntary organisation set out to serve the needs of the community regardless of colour, race or ideological orientation.

Community Courses

Essential learning services and facilitating community groups and social discourse

Talks & Conferences

Opportunities to learn, benefit and engage relevant topics and access an array of Muslim scholarship

New Muslim Network

Facilitating Islam through learning networks, face to face meetings, and sharing experiences.

I'tikaaf Nights

Nights of reflection and learning in an engaging environment

Zakat & Charity

Facilitating the payment of Zakah and educating our communities

Shared Khatibs

Sharing our khatibs with other mosques, centres and university ISOC's

Salah Prayers

Weekly Jumuah prayers with a relevant and inspiring English Khutbah


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Sandwell Hospital (Breast Awareness Workshops)

Shared Values: To Serve

Services Scope: Education


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