Course Description

A short course covering the fundamental Islamic beliefs along with the rulings and method of purification and prayer.

Course Breakdown

Students must be able to understand and speak English

Sat 11 Nov – Sat 16 Dec 2023

Saturdays 11AM – 12pm



Belief in Allah, Angels, Books, Messengers, Last day, Destiny
The Rulings of the Sacred Law: Fard, Wajib, Sunnah, Mu’akkadad, Mustahab, Mubah,  Makrooh, Haraam
Physical Purification: Ritual bath (Ghusl), Ablution (Wudu)

Spiritual Purification: adorning the heart with beautiful qualities

The Prayer: Conditions, Integrals, Necessary acts
The Prayer: Disliked acts (Makrooh), Actions that invalidate
The Prayer: Complete description (Method), Wording

Dealing with doubts and misgivings

 Course book can be purchased for £5 on the day


Course Tutors

Adhem Shaquil

Imam, Teacher & Youth Development