This course is designed to enhance the skills of ‘alimiyya graduates as well as graduates from other seminaries, enabling them to proficiently research and formulate legal responses (fatwa) to both complex and everyday issues (nawazil). This is a rigorous two-year course with only 10 places available each year and is open to both brothers & sisters.

This post-graduate program is now accessible both onsite & online for the 2024-25 academic year, catering to students who can demonstrate a high level of competence in fiqh and maintain a full-time, long-distance online study schedule. If you meet these criteria, we encourage you to apply today!

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Demonstrate high competence in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), usul (principles of Islamic jurisprudence), and maqaasid (objectives of Sharia).
  • Ability to maintain a challenging, long-distance online study schedule.
  • Graduate from an Islamic Seminary or the equivalent

Program Goals:

  • Enhance the skills of ‘alimiyya graduates and graduates from other institutions.
  • Equip students to proficiently research and formulate legal responses (fatwas) to both complex and everyday issues (nawazil).
  • Produce competent Muftis able to deal with the needs of the current time

Curriculum Overview:

  • Usul al-Fiqh (Legal Theory): Study of the fundamental principles and methodologies used in Islamic jurisprudence.
  • Qawa’id al-Fiqh (Legal Maxims): Exploration of general principles that provide a framework for Islamic legal rulings.
  • Maqasid as Sharia: Understanding the higher objectives and goals of Islamic law.
  • Usul al-Ifta’ (Principles of Fatwa Giving): Training in the principles and methodologies of issuing fatwas.
  • Juz’iat and Furu’ al-Fiqh (Derivative Rulings): Detailed examination of specific and derivative rulings in Islamic law.


INSTRUCTORSDr Muhammad Ali Belao, Dr Osman Farah, Dr Suhaib Hasan, Mufti Barakatullah, Shaykh Salim Sheikhi, Shaykh Essam Al-Bashir, Shaykh Umar Abideen and others
DURATION6 hours/week and 24 WEEKS/year with guest lecturers throughout the course (300+hrs over 2 years)
START DATE5 October 2024
SESSIONS1. One weekday & one day over weekend
2. Four semesters over 2 Years
3. Two Semesters per academic year
4. Supervised hours & private study not included in above timings
FEE£2000 (lump sum or termly instalments) per year


At the Birmingham Muslim College, there is a 2-stage application process to assess the capability & suitability of prospective students applying for the Ifta’ Course.

STAGE 1: Submission of Application Form

STAGE 2: Entrance Interview (online)

This evaluates the applicants understanding of juridical language and its implications & overall suitability for the course.

Formal offers will be sent out to successful applicants after the entrance interview.   

    Why study Ifta’ with the Birmingham Muslim College?

  1. Access to expert teachers from around the Islamic & Western world
  2. Exposure to world-renowned guest lessons of varying madhahib
  3. Observation of the Fatwa Council meetings
  4. Supervision of practical issuing of fatwa

Please email completed application form & associated documentation to:

Required Associated Documentation as a pdf to be emailed with application form:

  1. Photo ID: Passport or Driving License
  2. Most recent academic qualification
  3. Undergraduate or Post-graduate certificate (if applicable)

Ifta Application Form