Welcome to the New Muslims Network. The Abrahamic Foundation has made providing services to new Muslims a key aim of their project. This is in response to concerns of insufficient services and support being available to those individuals around the UK who had converted to Islam or were interested in finding out more about the faith. The NMN has a range of services which aims to meet the social and educational needs of new Muslims. This includes Quranic classes, Arabic classes, basic lessons of how to perform daily religious rituals, counselling, advice and possible financial support.

The Abrahamic Foundation does not promote any particular School of Thought, organisations of movements. Its affiliated members and Trustees come from a diverse background representing the British Muslim communities. We promote respect for diversity and accept that there are different interpretations of Islam. Our aim is to simply help meet the social and educational needs of new Muslims, provide emotional support, lend a friendly ear and give advice.

Respecting Diversity: Different Interpretations of Islam

As one learns and interacts more with the Muslim community one soon comes to the realisation that the community is divided into segments based on different interpretations of the faith, religious, and often political affiliations, organisations which purport to represent various cultural, traditional and in some cases tribal or historical aspects of the Muslim community. Others have been established with the aim of presenting Islam to the UK population in a way that is more appreciative of the geographical location, social, religious and political climate we live in or in the hope of assisting third and fourth generations of young people in finding a comfortable lifestyle that is compatible with their beliefs and where they can contribute positively and wholesomely to life in the UK.

We would encourage you to make your own enquiries and read more relating to each and particularly those you encounter through attendance at your local Mosque, meeting with local Islamic organisations or socialising with individuals who represent a particular world view or agenda, be that a personal or an organisational one.

Always be polite as Islam encourages politeness. However, with regard to any information tendered you should not hesitate to make the necessary enquiries from amongst those you trust and who you feel offer sincere advice on any matter you present to them, to clarify any concerns or questions you may have regarding an organisation, individual or sect you are unsure about. We should always endeavour to think well and kindly of every human being unless and until their behaviour indicates otherwise. Even then, it is best to withdraw from company of questionable or dubious repute quietly and without any drama involved.

As always, we strongly encourage new Muslims to get involved with their local Muslim community, since this provides an atmosphere of support, learning, and spiritual growth.