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The Muslim Traveller is an educational consultancy company that delivers Islamic tours for community groups tailored around learning and self-betterment

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"I left home to go on Hajj thinking it’s going to be hard but having returned and I’m telling everyone it was easy, this is all due to the Abrahamic Foundation team, they have planned, organised and delivered excellently, they are with you literally every step of the way, their experience and knowledge is second to none, not just logistically but spiritually as well, I seriously cannot think of anything as a recommendation because the whole journey was all just perfect, for the future I would say if they could extend their team so they are able to take more people who can have this amazing experience."

Masoud Akhtar, London

"Even with the little tests & trials we have seen, we totally enjoyed the experience. The more we were rubbed, the more we were polished, making us ready for life after Hajj, Alhamdulillah. We loved it and now we're missing it."

Juhad Ali, Kidderminster

"As someone who had visited for the first time, I was fortunate to have had an experience that I have had and it was due to the passion and desire the group leaders showed, I don't think it would have been the same with anybody else "

Nasser, Dewsbury

"Amazing experience. Would highly recommend AF tours. Very knowledgeable intructors that give you that spiritual high. Very well organised would recommend all my family members. AF tours went above our expectations"


"Truly an amazing journey of a lifetime. Fantastic Molana Kabir, Mujahid and Nasir . These guys have so much knowledge about Islam and it was very moving to be part of the group. Always there for us and answering our questions. "

Asea, Bradford

"What can I say? It was the best experience I ever had just because of the 3 maulanas. They made the hajj journey very easy for everyone in the group. May Allah reward the 3 maulanas in the hereafter. "

N Ahmed, Wednesbury

"My overall experience of Hajj was excellent. I found Hajj easy thanks to my instructors. My instructors guided me through Hajj and I enjoyed the talks they gave during Hajj. I enjoyed Arafat and the Jamarat. I found the talks interesting."

Emon, London

"AF Tours provide a well run, motivating & educational Hajj package. I enjoyed the educational lectures, the spiritual motivation & welcoming & friendly demeanour of the group leaders."

J Dhami, Dudley

"Brilliant experience. Leaders were very confident and eased the pressure away from the hajjis. Definitely recommend more people to go with them. "

Abdul Hakeem, Bedford

"Amazing journey. Once in a lifetime experience and with the best group of leaders, we could have possibly asked for."

Qamar Zaman, Birmingham