A Hajj like no other! Join us on an epic journey of enrichment, inspiration, spirituality and education.

With guidance on every step of the journey, rest assured that your Hajj will be performed according to the sunnah.

Elaf Kinda (Makkah )

(Makkah, Makkah Province, 24231, Saudi Arabia)

5 star Makkah residence

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Map of Elaf Kinda

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Hyatt Madinah (Madinah )

(أبي عبيدة بن الجراح،, Medina, Al Madinah Province, 42311, Saudi Arabia)

4 star Madinah accomodation directyly behind Anwarul Madinah Movenpick

Map of Hyatt Madinah

Gallery of Hyatt Madinah

1. 25 day stay.
2. Direct flight from London Heathrow with British Airways.
3. Hajj visa and Hajj draft.
4. 5-star hotels in Makkah (Elaf Kinda) & Madinah (Hayatt International) steps from the Haram.
5. Breakfast buffet and evening dinner (half board) in Makkah & Madinah hotels.
6. Extensive pre-hajj support and a full one-day seminar in Birmingham
7. Comprehensive guidance and Sirah reflections throughout the journey delivered by some of the best instructors available in the UK.
8. Ziyarah of historical sites in Makkah and Madinah including tours of the Haram
9. 4 days Hajj stay at Aziziya apartments near the jamaraat with full board food.
10. European tents in Mina will include a sofa bed, pillow, blanket and full board food.
11. All transport in Saudi Arabia is included & is provided by the Ministry of Hajj.

Important information, we don't want misunderstandings

1. Qurbani is not included (this will cost approximately £100)
2. Processing times at Saudi airports is not in our control.
3. Food provided during the five days of Hajj is provided by the Ministry of Hajj. We have no say in what food it may be or its time of arrival (you may need to be a little patient)
4. Quad, triple & twin rooms will be provided in Makkah & Madinah hotels only, not in Aziziya.
5. Aziziya Accommodation will be standard accommodation 5-6 sharing per room. Men and women separate regardless if you have a quad, triple or double booking for the hotels.
6. AF Hajj & Umrah are not personal travel guides. As part of a group, you will be expected to arrive to all educational sessions and ziyaraat on time and independently.
7. Pilgrims with physical disabilities or illnesses need to ensure they are fit to travel for the Hajj. Seeking advice from your GP is highly recommended.
8. Pilgrims who may require physical assistance during the hajj must ensure they are accompanied by someone to take care of their needs.
9. If you have any special needs please contact us to discuss if we are able to facilitate them.
10. You must ensure that you are aware of the Hajj itineraries and learning program schedules that will be shared before Hajj and via text messages during the Hajj. You must have a Saudi mobile SIM during hajj to ensure updates.
11. All pilgrims must have a British passport with six months validity from the date of travel.
12. The ministry of Hajj requires all pilgrims to have a Meningococcal Immunisation and a valid certificate.
13. Hotel rooms have no specific view.
14. Coaches are provided by the Ministry of Hajj; we have no say in what type of coach is allocated to us.
15. Transport to and from the Haram during the days of Aziziyah and hajj will be at your own expense if you choose to go.

Mujahid Ali

Teacher & Senior Hajj Instructor

Nasir Akhtar

Chair of Trustees

The Abrahamic Foundation is a non-profit organisation that delivers the hajj as an educational outreach project. All profits from our trips are reinvested into our community and dawah works. Our aim is to deliver a Hajj that offers pilgrims an educational insight into the meaning of Hajj. This consists of extensive lessons from the sirah, spiritual reflections and ensuring the manasik (Hajj rituals) are performed according to the sunnah (no cutting corners). Our group leaders are experienced and qualified imams and teachers with over two decades of expertise in the field.

Is there a perfect Hajj package?
As with all things in life, nothing can be perfect. In search of the best hajj package that suits your needs, there will always be a give and take compromise. It may be the package price, hotel location, dates or flights that are the deciding factor for you. This will mean you will sacrifice something at its expense. Hajj isn’t a holiday but rather a journey to the house of Allah that will entail some hardships and sacrifice in your search for self-betterment. You must be clear about what you want to attain from your hajj and then choose your package prioritising those objectives. It shouldn’t just be about brand names, luxury and ease.