Committed to creating a united platform

A rapidly developing and essential focus of the Abrahamic Foundation is its Intra-Muslim dialogue.

This evolving new project seeks to unite the Muslims of Sandwell and set an example of solidarity.

From initiating informal meetings and meals between various Muslim leaders of Sandwell to networking and building positive interaction we have promoted a cooperative healthy Muslim environment. We have recently been involved in the formation of the Sandwell Mosques Forum, designed to work together to tackle the many challenges faced by the Muslim Community.

Our Intra-Muslim initiatives focus within the Muslim community, ensuring the different sub groups and organisations are working together in harmony to face the many internal and external challenges.

We have worked in conjunction with the Shia community in projects to tackle islamophobia, held conferences in hand with other mosques, together to remove the forces of division and shared Iftars as an example of harmony within the Muslim community.