The Abrahamic Foundation Interfaith projects aim to bring people together in our religiously and ethnically diverse community.

Our initiatives enable people to build relationships of trust and connections to strengthen our society.

Through a variety of activities such as open days, discussions and quizzes, opportunities to observe the prayer practices, sharing cooking tips and recipes, and inviting the wider community to festive celebrations we hope to develop positive relationships between people of different faiths and no faith so they get to know and understand each other better.

We pride ourselves with our collaboration on initiatives with local faith and community leaders to deliver fun days, set up an interfaith forum and also participate in faith network meetings to improve the local community we live in.

Our resident Imam Nasir has taken the Abrahamic Foundation Interfaith work to an international level by involving himself with the Faithful Friends On Tour, a project that celebrates our diverse communities which will endure bringing peace, friendship, understanding and hope for this and succeeding generations.