Come and volunteer with the Abrahamic Foundation team to support our vision in creating a Faithful and Thriving Community.

Why Volunteer with Abrahamic Foundation?

There are many reasons for volunteering, but perhaps the most important is by helping others you will be helping yourself.

The benefits of volunteering can extend across a wide spectrum and can have a positive impact in many ways. Through volunteering, you will have the opportunity to broaden your horizons and opportunities; meet a diverse group of like-minded people, develop your CV all whilst making a positive contribution to the community and wider society.

If that is not enough, then what about you being a role model in setting a good example for others, instead of complaining about how bad things are and feeling powerless, you will have the chance to do something about it. Nothing is too little to make a positive difference.

Still not sure? Well, what about considering how volunteering has been shown to have a positive impact on our mental and physical health. Examples would be something like giving back to the less fortunate or helping with projects which will increase your skills.

Another but vital point to reflect on would be, through volunteering, you can break down barriers and negative perceptions of others. It can broaden our understanding and help to celebrate other cultures, peoples and encourage community harmony.

Projects Currently running (Please see our webpage for additional activities)

Interfaith Community Gardens

Tarawih Support.

Jumuah Support.

Classroom Learning assistants.

Funding Raising events/activities.

New Muslim Network.

Various outreach projects

Future projects

Youth work activities and supporting our Youth Workers.

Supporting the development and running of services to be delivered at our new Masjid.

Develop new projects/ventures, take a lead role, or be involved on a casual/regular basis.

How to become a volunteer with Abrahamic Foundation:

On receiving your completed application below, the Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

    General Information

    Employment Information

    WeekdaysWeekendsRegular (Weekly)CasualOwn Business

    Skills & Experience


    Parental Consent (Under 16s only)